Kemo have several ways to place your order from our web site.

Local Agent

Contact your local Agent, click here for a list.

Phone Call

You can phone Kemo Limited +44 (0)1474 705168 with your order, we accept credit cards by telephone.
You can also talk to a human who knows about Kemo filters, and who can answer your questions.


For your security we do not have an on line shopping system.

Choose what you require, and then email us with the basic information of what you want, and a phone or fax number, we will then contact you for your credit card details.
OR you can download the order form and send it back to us, fax, or to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Download the Word Order Form, fill it in and send it back.
Note:- This is a word form, download it, fill in the white boxes, save it with a new filename and email the new file back to us.

Fax / Mail

Download the order form and fax or mail it back to us, filled in of course

Fax number +44 (0)1474 705168 UK Office

Download the PDF Order Form, fill it in and fax it back.


We accept credit cards, cash, bank transfers, company cheques, and almost any other form of payment.