Who Are We

Robert Owens – Managing Director

Robert is of the ‘original engineering’ vintage, from a time that engineers got to know the fundamental principles of engineering because the equipment of the day didn’t do everything for you, yes that means we are talking about the pre computer period.

He is from an entrepreneurial and enterprising family and went on to read Production Engineering at Bath University where he was a sponsored student with BICC Ltd.

His work history represents a constant education and learning of instrumentation and measurement techniques, during which time he was fortunate to work with many of the industry’s globally recognised experts in the field.

  • 2 years working at Industrial Research Centre (SIRA), working on optical instrumentation
  • 1 year abroad teaching English, qualified EFL teacher
  • 15 years structural dynamics measurement, with Ometron Ltd, world leaders in non contact fatigue and vibration measurement.
  • Extensive travel in Japan with over 40 visits under his belt and a number of sales awards for work in the region

In 1998 he Joined Kemo Ltd and went on to purchase the Company very shortly afterwards. His background in signal measurement and education in production engineering provided the perfect basis for a program of modernising and streamlining of product design and manufacture. He introduced a new focus on filter performance with a particular eye on channel matching, which led to Kemo Ltd leading the world in this critically accurate filter performance criteria.

Outside of life at Kemo Ltd, Robert spends much of his time ‘on the water’ he is a Nationally qualified sailing official and travels internationally to major events. His interest in life on the water is not limited to sailing, he also has a passion for boats, albeit not full scale!! His engineering interest has seen him build many model boats over the years which have all seen action on the water at some time.