Since it was established in 1965, Kemo has solved thousands of different applications issues. Our applications knowledge has been built up from decades of practical testing experience.

Filters are often a problem solver, an unexpected configuration issue causes noise or a signal issue that can affect the data analysis or even the efficiency of some machinery. In these circumstances Kemo’s experience can support customers to select a standard product or if required customise a solution to suit their needs.

Kemo’s range of signal conditioning solutions, cables and accessories tend to be easier to specify. However careful consideration is required by the user to ensure data quality is maximised. Errors can be introduced due to poor cable selection or trying to save money, which inevitably costs more in the long run.

We will be adding a number of ‘typical’ and ‘special’ applications of electronic filters, signal conditiong and cabling to this page to give you a feel for the work we excel in.

Application Note 1 – Filters:

Syringe production testing – this is a great example of a problem caused by poor sensor selection which led to false test results during a production test, the use of Kemo filters allowed for an effective implementation of the test. – DOWNLOAD

Application Note 2 – Filters:

Wind Turbine Generator Load – this application shows both Kemo’s capability to cusomise solution to suit specific customer requirements whilst also showcasing how filters can actually improve the finctional perfromance of equipment by improving the accuracy of measured data. – DOWNLOAD

Application Note 3 – Filters:

Building Tilt Sensors – an interesting application which shows how environmental factors can influence the response of sensors and cause them to measure unwanted activity which must be removed to ensure correct data analysis. – DOWNLOAD

Application Note 4 – Low Noise Cables – Satellites:

Satellite Low Outgassing Cables – a great example of how Kemo’s commitment to quality and using the very best materials ensures only minor modifications are required to meet strict specification requirements for the Satellite and Space sector – DOWNLOAD