Electronic Analog Filters

High quality electronic analog filters remain the most accurate, repeatable and effective solution for the filtering of electronic signals pre digitisation and analysis. Our range is the most comprehensive available and covers every option for OEM and users. Kemo supplies filter modules available for customers that wish to integrate a filter onto a circuit board, through to simple DIN rail mount filters. Our multi channel fully programmable instruments provide the ultimate in flexibility in association with computer control.

Kemo Ltd has always put quality at the forefront of its design and manufacture and we are proud that we have filter products in the field that have been in operation for 40+ years.

Our filters are built in the UK and provide a modular configuration with a range of different filter cards which can be supplied in single or multi channel chassis.

Many of our filters also include IEPE and Charge signal conditioning to maximise compatibility with direct sensor connection.

Anti Aliasing filters / Band Pass filters / Low Pass filters / High Pass filters / Notch filters

Variety of different filter responses to suit your application.

DIN Rail Filters

Fixed and variable filter solutions, with options for charge, IEPE, 4-20mA and PRT signal conditioning

FM Filter Modules

Filter Modules

These modules are available for integration into your PCB design, a range of filter types are available to suit your application

CardMaster 21.2

Dual channel carrier card for 1200 and 1600 filter modules Fixed and semi-fixed frequency, available in a single or multi-card chassis

CardMaster 255G

Single channel card with front panel control, 254 filter steps, 9 gain steps, interface, signal level indication. Available in a single channel or multi-channel chassis

BenchMaster 21M

Easy to use versatile manual filter system, switchable highpass / lowpass gain to x50(+34 dB)

BenchMaster 8

Highly versatile 2 channel bench top filter, gain to x500 (+54 dB), the industry standard solution

VBF 40

Top of the range multi-channel solution. 1 Hz – 255 kHz, x1000 (+60 dB) Gain, 5 built in Filter Responses, PC control interface

VBF 44

4 channel fully programmable, 1 Hz – 255 kHz, +60 dB Gain, 5 Built in Filter responses, Top of the range performnace with PC control